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An Individualised Approach

Our horses out on pasture in the mountai
Image by Gene Devine

Initial Equine Treatment


We believe in treating the whole horse not just an injury. That’s why we offer a range of services to help improve movement, function and performance as part of a routine or a rehabilitation journey. 
During your appointment, your horses' history will be collected before they are assessed standing, whilst moving and then through palpation. Once the assessment is completed your horse will be treated with a personalised variety of manual therapies along with electrotherapies.
After treatment, a home exercise plan will be created by the veterinary physiotherapist for you to continue your horses' rehabilitation and improve their performance.
A follow-up appointment can then be scheduled when needed.
Initial appointments can last up to 2 hours and

follow-up appointments up to 1 hour and 30 minutes.


Including many forms of massage and stretches to release any tightness your horse may be holding, helping them to feel more comfortable.

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IMG_3460 E.jpg
Our horses out on pasture in the mountai
Image by Gene Devine

Follow-up Equine Treatment


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IMG_3329 E.jpg
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With H-wave and LASER therapy currently available, your horse's individual needs are assessed and treated. Electrotherapy's reach deeper than manual therapies and aid healing at a cellular level.


A bespoke plan specific for you and your horse will be provided after every treatment. Whether you want to improve your performance or rehabilitate your horse, we will create a perfect plan for you.

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