The INDIBA® technology generates unique and scientifically proven effects on cells at the 448 kHz frequency, which stimulates the tissue repair mechanisms accelerating key biological and metabolic processes of cell physiology that regulates and stimulates tissue cells to perform at their optimum level. 

INDIBA® technology treats the injury using bio-stimulation generated by the electrical effect, or by combining bio-stimulation with heat generation in the tissues.

There are 3 distinct effects at a cellular and molecular level:

  • The proliferation of stem cells and fibroblasts. 

  • Differentiation of stem cells. 

  • Antiproliferation (or pro-apoptotic) of damaged cells. ​


In the clinical application these effects have been proved to be useful for: 

  • Reabsorption of hematomas and oedemas. 

  • Revascularization of tissue. 

  • Pain control (analgesic). 

  • Anti-inflammatory effect. 

  • Increase of blood supply to the treated area and its subsequent drainage. 

  • Supply of oxygen & other beneficial nutrients by the immune system. 

  • Metabolites and excess liquid are removed leading to a reduction in inflammation and oedema. 

  • Pain control. 

An important aspect of INDIBA’s technology is that it works in a closed circuit, which means it penetrates deeper in a non-invasive way more so than any other treatment. Therefore, it can reach deeper structures that only invasive technologies can normally penetrate.

Recovery of a suspensory ligament after 8 sessions (2 1⁄2 weeks). Joana Campos (Portugal)

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Return to competition after 5-6 months after injury. David Argüelles (Spain)

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